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Latest Posts

  • Weekly Homework Podcast #62


    The saying goes "Life is Music and Music is Life". Many artists write songs from life experience. Good or Bad, the events of one's life have made for[...]

  • Weekly Homework Podcast #61


    This week we take time to honor one of the best musicians in the world, Mr. Herbie Hancock. A gentlemen that has invested many decades into our[...]

  • Weekly Homework Podcast #60


    This week's assignment is inspired by CMA member, RayDee3000. A West Coast (US) cat with aspirations of innovating his own style of Funk.[...]

  • Weekly Homework Podcast #59


    This week we're packing our bags and heading to the Netherlands. In a recent CMA Hangout we spoke on travel. The one destination was brought up[...]

  • The Distortion of Sound

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    The title of this documentary properly sums up it's purpose. It's speaks on the evolution and eventually degradation of our music's sound quality.[...]

  • Weekly Homework Podcast #58


    There's a lot of great timeless songs. Many of them have been sampled for all genres of music. Multiple times![...]

  • Weekly Homework Podcast #57


    One is the loneliest number. Another way to look at it, is representing simplicity. Musicians today have access and excess. Multiple computers, DAWs,[...]

  • Installing Third Party Maschine Expansions

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    For this Quick Tip, you'll find out how to install/import third party expansions to be used in the Maschine software.[...]

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