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    This week we honor the great Bobby Womack. Easily one of the greatest voices in Soul / R&B. He's blessed us with a legacy of great music before he[...]

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    Last summer we had our Summer Blockbuster Movie episode that did very well. Now we're back with a sequel. The assignment is too create a track that[...]

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    This week we're taking a stand against weak, thin and lightweight sounds. Before giving this assignment out, I created a couple tutorial videos on how[...]

  • Importing Maschine 1.8 projects into 2.0

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    In this episode of CMA Answers, YouTube Jbelief asks how to import projects created in Maschine 1.8 into 2.0 and how to transfer them from one[...]

  • Stacking and Layering Sounds in Maschine

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    This video is for those of us who use Maschine and wanted to experiment with combine multiple plugins or drums in hopes to create something unique.[...]

  • Stacking Drums in Ableton Live


    A major pet peeve of many seasoned producers is "Weak Drums". Nothing like hearing great chops or instrumentation with light weight or factory drums[...]

  • Layering Sounds in Ableton Live


    This video is for those of us who's ever wanted to use layer patches from multiple instruments or plugins in order to create new exciting sounds in[...]

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